When the wind is blowing
And she feels alone
There is only one way
She can be whole

She puts it in her hands
She touches the cover
She smells the pages
She inhales the undiscovered

The ink holds a story
Deep inside its folds
Her mind will open up
And new stories it can hold

Of lovers, of demons,
Of worlds far away
Of wars, of tragedy
Of unexpected fate

She wraps herself in the tale
These stories she will not forget
For they are now a part of her
Not a one does she regret

They all have a special place
In her heart and in her mind
They help her make decisions
She remembers each time

The horror story reminds her
Of the bad in the world
And how she can make it through
No matter how she has crumpled

The romance tale encourages her
To not be so afraid
Because even the outcasts
Have found love one day

And the futuristic tales are the best
She realizes she is not alone
With a mind that wanders past now
And craves for the unknown

For this world here
It is not what makes her, herself
It is the fictional stories
That sit on her bookshelf



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