Sleeping is most difficult
Every single night.
No matter how tired I am,
I cannot give up the fight

To keep my eyes wide open
And distract myself until
The sun comes up, the rays
Come through my window seal.

“Why?” they ask, “Can you not rest?”
“I wish,” I say “But I cannot,
For if I close my eyes
The darkness may hear the thought

The thought I cannot share
With you or anyone else,
For it would frighten everyone,
Even Satan himself.”

During the day, there are so many sounds
That no one else could hear
What’s going on inside my mind
But at night, it is the darkness I fear.

The darkness is so quiet,
What if my mind opens wide?

No one, no thing, no earthly creature
Should hear what screams from inside.
For I, myself, cannot withstand my head
I try to run and hide.

So when the sun rises and I go to sleep
I know I can relax
The shadows are gone and now I
Can hold onto my thoughts, at last.

No more fear of stolen treasures,
Though frightening they may be,
I don’t even want the darkness
To feel as cold as me.



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